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Yoga Sing Retreat

There are always deeper layers...

That's right!  It's going to be your own personal "case-study" of the liberating experience of 
vibrating in harmony with other human beings.

When it comes to yoga AND vocal "technique" there are always deeper layers we can discover within (the more you know, the more you realize how much more there is to know),
especially when surrounded by like minded people who are open to sharing, self discovery and adventure.

So whether you're new or seasoned there is a place for you on this retreat to connect, to learn, and to expand on your current skill set and experience of singing and yoga.

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Sandi Melody

Sandi Melody

Sandi has been singing and practicing yoga for over 35 years. She became a voice instructor in 1993 after completing her graduation recital at Capilano University’s Bachelor of Jazz Studies Vocal Performance Program. Since then she has taught hundreds of vocalists and become a contemporary vocal technique aficionado! Her awareness of subtle body energy and her ability to explain “technique” in ways that students understand and can apply themselves has earned her a long standing reputation as a teacher who produces results.

     When taking her yoga teacher training at Langara College in 2013 she recognized the similarities of subtle body energy work in using that awareness to enhance the yoga poses. She always knew yoga was good for singing and vice versa, but after her teacher training she realized that the “technique” of both disciplines were essentially the same thing. In 2016 she combined her passion for yoga and vocal technique at a 5 day adult choir camp and it was a big hit. She did it again this past summer and many of those students asked her to run a class during the year… so, here it is!

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