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Silent Retreat with Gangaji

Attending this 6-day silent residential retreat with Gangaji offers a unique opportunity to withdraw from the normal distractions of your everyday life and inquire into what you truly want. With the support of Gangaji, other participants, and beautiful, contemplative settings, you can embark on a deep inner dive of self-discovery.

With self-inquiry, Gangaji draws your attention away from your thoughts and into the direct experience of what is always here and who you truly are—peace itself, consciousness itself. In the willingness to retreat from your search for just one moment, you can profoundly realize you are already home, already free. This is the secret that lies at the heart of retreat.

Throughout the event, Gangaji offers you her deepest support and guidance in meeting yourself fully.

During our time on retreat…

We will meet with Gangaji twice a day to ask questions and share our reports. On silent retreat, we speak only during our meetings with Gangaji.  A retreat with Gangaji may also include silent meditation, chanting and video presentations.

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