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Sweet Summer Yoga Retreat

Join us for an intimate, all-inclusive Sweet Summer Yoga Retreat on beautiful Salt Spring Island.

Natasha and Sri Hari Moss, are grateful and delighted to return to the farm and share an immersive weekend of mindful movement, hatha and vinyasa yoga on this beautiful organic farm and exquisite island.

Special guest instructor Howie Baral will be joining with his yoga offerings.

In addition to the offerings of yoga classes each day, participants may enjoy;

Daily morning meditations, farm to table cooking classes, farm talks, wellness treatments, guided hikes and explore the plethora of nature and activities Salt Spring Island has to offer — jump in the fresh-water lakes for a swim, commune with tall trees, eagles, deer, discover the art and organic foods from the island or find yourself in quietude under the soft fragrant breeze of a mid-summer tree!

For a full schedule, accommodation options and pricing, please visit

And Contact t[email protected] to register!

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Natasha O. Mellman Hatha & Vinyasa Yoga

Natasha is an adventurous, life-loving, heart centered yogi who is thrilled to share her passion and love of yoga as a way of living an authentic, soulful and expansive life. With attention to alignment and an awareness of subtle energies she holds a space of openness, of playful exploration and fresh perspective.

With each practice, expect to take a a journey through presence, challenge and sensation to a place of self-love, inspiration and deep nurture. Natasha's willingness to grapple with her own transformation, gives her teaching a special authenticity and uniqueness. Her students receive the benefits of her ever-expanding understanding of yoga as a way to move through life with intention, ease and grace. Through breath awareness and mindful movement, Natasha helps students touch upon that deep place within, of peace, balance and aliveness. "In practice of life .. in spirit of inquiry, and in love with it all!"

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About Sri Hari Moss Mindful Movement Yoga

With a focus on harmony between mind, body and spirit, Sri Hari offers students an inspired understanding of yoga practice through mindful movement in a variety of techniques and styles.

Sri Hari began his yoga journey in 1989 under the guidance of Swamini Turiyasangitananda; founder and director of The Vedantic Center and Sai Anantam Ashram in Agoura Hills, California. The study in sacred music, vedantic studies, meditation, Bhakti and Iyengar Yoga has greatly influenced his offerings.

Sri Hari shares inspirational music, dynamic stories from Hindu culture, and anecdotes to foster a clear understanding of the subtle powers within one’s practice. He frequently reminds his students to smile, laugh and find the "Rasa" (Sanskrit: Lit. "juice" or "essence") in their practice. “Yoga practice is transformative, what we learn in practice becomes part of our lives. You will be amazed at what you can accomplish, if you are willing to feel sensation, face challenge, live in the moment and breath life into everything you do.”

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About Special Guest Instructor Howie Baral 

Hatha, Vinyasa, and Restorative Yoga
Prana is life force energy everyone has inside of them. Howie believes through yoga poses and breathwork, the more we are able to cultivate, harness, and enhance this amazing pranic power, we greatly enhance the healing and happiness energies from within.
With a focus on mindful and playful movement, Howie’s classes are always challenging, fun, and empowering. Howie’s first class of yoga over 16 years ago was taught by Bryan Kest, the founder of Power Yoga. From then on, yoga has been part of his life. Power Yoga also referred as 'Vinyasa Yoga,' is a practice where various yoga poses are linked together in a mindful flow, matching breath with movement, igniting ones focus, freedom and strength. Howie is also a Laugher Yoga instructor, so be prepared to laugh with some Laughter Yoga mixed in, whether the laugher is real or not, you make it, even if you fake it!