the organic farm


organic produce

The act of farming is central to our lives here and it is one of the things that binds us together as a community. We have approximately 2 acres of market garden in production. We grow vegetables, flowers, fruit, berries and seeds. Everything we grow is sold directly to the consumer, via our farmstand or to Haidee (and other caterers) for our retreats. Most of our customers have some kind of connection to the farm, either from time spent on retreat here or as our neighbours on the island and we value our relationships with the people who purchase our vegetables.

The farm has been through many iterations, from sheep to strawberries. For berries these days though, it's mostly blueberries.

Saving our own seeds is a significant part of our farming operation. We save seed for ourselves, to seed year after year, and to sell, mostly through Salt Spring Seeds. It is another way that we can be self-reliant and it is beautiful to see the whole life cycle of the plants that we grow. Our seed saving passion began with only a few varieties of lettuce and greens. After experiencing the power and ‘seed to seed’ cycle we were inspired to add and trial more and more varieties each year.

The farm features four large greenhouses.

Extending the season as long as possible.

Now we save many varieties of snap and shelling peas, heirloom tomatoes, sweet and hot peppers, lettuce, salad greens, beets, green beans, dry beans, radishes, scallions, onions, leeks, winter squash, flowers and herbs. We are continuing to grow new and interesting varieties and expanding our seed stock. We grow varieties that do well in this climate and that we love for their flavour, beauty and abundance

Saving seed wherever possible.

Greens are a large portion of sales at the farm stand.

Thea taming the vines.


video below about the organic farm: